Additive Manufacturing
for Tooling & Parts

Additive Manufacturing
for Tooling & Parts

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Large scale 3d printing polymer plastics

Large-Scale 3D Printing

Large scale 3d printing polymer plastics

Red Hawk Manufacturing features multiple industrial-sized 3D printers specifically built to produce large-scale 3D printed parts up to 6.5 ft. tall for automotive, aerospace, and defense applications.

Print sizes available up to 6.5ft long.

Thermoforming Molds

3d printed thermoform mold tool with vacuum connection and finished thermoformed plastic automotive parts

Red Hawk Manufacturing has perfected processes to create single-piece thermoforming mold tools, designed to improve production efficiency over conventional REN and metal vacuum forming tools.

Reaction Injection Molds

3D printed foam mold tools for reaction injection mold applications

Red Hawk creates custom 3D printed tools for reaction injection molding applications. We specialize in cost-effective 3D printed RIM mold tools for small or medium-sized parts. 

3D printed jig and fixturing setup for manufacturing

Fixturing Aids & Nests

3D printed jig and fixturing setup for manufacturing

Red Hawk Manufacturing has the high-strength materials and production capabilities to additively produce high-quality, durable 3D printed parts for fixturing and nesting applications.

Comprehensive Manufacturing Services

Red Hawk offers complete engineering services. Our team of engineers will review your design and production specifications, recommend suitable materials, and develop an optimal fabrication process to produce parts to meet your specific quality standards.

engineers working on CAD of custom 3D printer

Digital Manufacturing

Red Hawk specializes in advanced 3D printing solutions for large and small prototypes and industrial production parts.

4 medium-scale-custom 3D printers in a row to show multi-printer station for bulk production

Contract Manufacturing

We offer contract manufacturing for OEMs that need low-to-medium production volumes, at industry quality standards.

engineer using FARO 3D scanning arm for metal exhaust automotive part

Reverse Engineering

Red Hawk can reproduce CAD designs and manufacturing methods for legacy parts and custom tooling.