Advanced digital manufacturing solutions designed to improve production.

engineers working on CAD of custom 3D printer

Build-to-CAD Fabrication

engineer working with CAD for 3D printing

Red Hawk can produce 3D printed parts directly from your CAD models. Our engineers will work collaboratively with your team to develop production solutions to improve the producibility of your parts.

engineer working with CAD for 3D printing

Manufacturing Process Engineering

engineer looking through magnify glass to connect wiring for 3D printer

Red Hawk engineering and manufacturing specialists can help you determine the most effective way to produce your parts.

  • Additive process engineering
  • End-to-end production process development
  • Design for quality production
  • Cost optimization
engineer looking through magnify glass to connect wiring for 3D printer

Red Hawk Engineering Services



  • The Red Hawk team of engineers understand your needs, be it low volume rapid tooling, or complete end-to-end qualified part production.

  • A manufacturing plan is developed to specify methods, technical and quality requirements, and post-production service requirements.

  • A contract is negotiated specifying costs and lead times of major milestones.

  • Tooling design is completed in-house. Depending on customer needs, digital part design can also be performed.

  • Our simulation capabilities include FEA for thermal and structural considerations of your part, if required.
  • Every tooling design is optimized through our flow simulation software to ensure quality castings on the first pour.
  • Tooling is rapidly produced on our purpose-built 3D printers. Depending on pattern size, this can be competed in a matter of hours or days.
  • Patterns are finished for surface quality and framed in-house before going to one of our trusted casting suppliers, or delivered to you if part production is your business.
  • Red Hawk maintains close relationships with local, qualified suppliers capable of casting, molding, or forming your part using our rapid tooling.
  • We offer finishing operations through our local supply base including heat treatment, machining, chemical treatment, coating, and more.
  • Using our state-of-the-art FARO arm 3D scanner, Red Hawk inspects products at every step in the production process.
  • Additional inspection options are available, including mechanical testing, radiography, and dye penetrant.
  • Final parts are delivered with full inspection and certification packet.
  • All digital files, inspection data, and machine production instructions are stored on our secure servers for future access.
  • The repeatability of our tooling production printers eliminates the need to store the tooling physically during long gaps in production.

Production Requirements Upload

Please upload your CAD files and other production requirements here. Our team will contact you before it begins manufacturing your parts.